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Horizontal marking material is made visible by the addition of Drop-On glass beads. These spheres (retro) reflect the lights from a vehicle in various weather conditions.

Pana Glass Beads Co developed various type of beads with different types of surface treatments suitable for various paint systems:

Micro-Drop beads are CE-certified according to the European norm EN1423 and respect the other standards like BS6088, 8040 and AASHTOM247.

Product documentation: ISO , CE , Property

Micro-Drop products The company produces glass beads with a diameter of 125-1200 and recycled glass. Using these products is one of the most economical ways to improve road safety. These products are manufactured according to European standards EN1423 and other standards like BS6088, AASHTOM247 and 8040.

Micro-Drop 1


Micro-Drop 2


Micro-Drop 3


Micro-Drop 4


Micro-Drop 5