About us

The company of glass beads (special joint stock companies) with the license of number 41536 from the date of June 24, 1988 from the Ministry of Industries and Mines of Tehran province has started to set up a glass bean production unit with a nominal capacity of 10,000 tons per year. Now the whole country needs to be of superior quality from similar foreign samples.

The main uses of this product are as follows:

  1. Road and road marking to increase road safety
  2. Metal surface cleaning operations
  3. As filler in various combinations
  4. Fire extinguishing by dry method
  5. Helps to better mix ingredients
  6. Optimize the mill process
  7. Cosmetics
  8. Decorative coatings
  9. Manufacturing of all kinds of metallic paints
  10. filteration
  11. Blending with blood in the medical industry
  12. Crude oil discoveries